Sandee Novello

Customer Service Support
650-341-4484 X105

Sandee has worked as an Assistant Customer Service Representative for the past 17 years and is one of the Founders of BPIA. She started out working with Commercial Account Managers on small to medium size accounts and is now the assistant for large accounts. Sandee trains new hires on the BPIA servicing standards. She is our vessel for excellence and quick wit.

Sandee prides herself on follow-up and issuing certificates the same day. She takes the additional step of reviewing all certificates. Sandee’s “second look” ensures that the insurance requirements are compatible with our clients’ financial needs and current policies. Sandee protects and communicates your best interests.

The BPIA team can count on being well-fed if Sandee is in the kitchen. She‘s a wonderful cook and Italian cuisine is her forte.