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Tina Solis

Senior Account Manager
650-341-4484 X112

Tina is a San Antonio, Texas native who proudly touts the 5 time NBA champion San Antonio Spurs and the Lone Star State. Her 17 years of insurance industry experience have been with Hartford starting in the call center, then to the billing department and finally an underwriter for mid-size businesses. She is loving the agency side of the business, developing relationships with clients and problem solving. She appreciates and respects clients who are passionate about their business and their ability to transition their dreams into reality. Tina’s daughter is a college graduate web designer and Tina beams with pride with her accomplishments. Her second “ child” is Chaz, a 5 and half pound back and white Papillion dog who is Tina’s personal fitness trainer. One day when Tina is old enough to retire, she pictures herself in a beach house, on the shoreline with a cocktail basking in the sunset rays.

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