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Insurance advisors who truly work for you.

Not all insurance agents are created equal. At Business Professional Insurance Associates, we go out of our way to treat our clients like people and we use our industry experience and diversified knowledge base to protect what you value most in business and in life.
Management Team

Debbie Upland
Chief Executive Officer

650-341-4484 X 107

Virginia Fontana
Chief Operating Officer

650-341-4484 X 109

Patt Kennedy
Chief Financial Officer

650-341-4484 X234

Laura Goodnight
Vice President / Senior Account Manager

650-341-4484 ext. 106


Eileen Gin
Senior Account Manager

650-341-4484 X108

Patrick Guglielmoni
Commercial & Personal Lines Accounting Manager

650-341-4484 X118

Linda Larson
Account Manager

650-341-4484 X233

Esther Lee
Account Manager

650-341-4484 X125

Christopher Seguban
Administrative Support

650-341-4484 X128

Tina Solis
Senior Account Manager

650-341-4484 X112

Cindi Watson
Senior Account Manager

650-341-4484 X104

Mark Woods
Commercial Account Broker

650-341-4484 X117


Eva Ballestrasse
Benefit Administrator

650-341-4484 X102

Debra Ferreira
Benefit Administrator

650-341-4484 X122

Lisa Salinas
Benefit Administrator

650-341-4484 X119

Keri Vancea
Benefit Administrator

650-341-4484 X126


Tiffany Boyster
Personal Lines Manager

650-341-4484 X464

Kristel Reyes
Personal Lines Account Manager

650-341-4484 X460

Natasha Subia
Personal Lines Account Manager

650-341-4484 X462

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